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Helping homeowners manage their design and/or construction project,

Providing professional Architectural and Construction

Guidance and advice

Acting as the Homeowners Advocate,

easing them through the process.

(Active in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, Fl.)


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Stan Schultz

Principal's History of Action

A graduate of Pratt Institute with a Bachelor of  Architecture degree.

Developer of communities in Maryland, Connecticut and Florida.

Builder of over 800 Single Family  and Townhomes in Maryland, Connecticut and Florida.

Manager of major commercial projects in Maryland and Connecticut.

Representative of  financial institutions such as Aetna Life & Casualty and Connecticut Bank & Trust in planning for urban development.

Architecture, Construction, Community Development

Over 50 years of experience in Architectural design and Construction can translate into a wealth of assistance for a homeowners needs .

We can guide you and give you the tools to make valued decisions about the work that you are contemplating for your property.

We can provide you with the visuals necessary to help you interact with your Architect and/or Contractor. 

We can review your contracts regarding work to be performed and advise you as to the efficacy of their content.


Stan Schultz was hired by me as an Advocate, working to help me thru damages caused by a major flood in my home. He became my eyes, ears and financial expert in dealing with my insurance company and interfacing with the General Contractor; who was hired to repair the damage and to remediate where there were issues created by the water.

Stan was a trusted advisor, managing and overseeing the project with care and insight. He made the project his own on my behalf.

                                                           Alene Workman - Interior Design



Role of an Advocate

The role of an advocate is to assist people, helping them understand their project parameters, information provided and services rendered.

An advocate is someone who can help you so that your needs are heard and understood and your goals established.

Advocate's Attributes

  • Helpfulness. The desire to help a client is the most important asset in being a successful advocate. ...
  • Communications
  • Organization
  • Problem-Solving
  • Patience

An Advocate can help;

Represent your views when you feel unable to do so yourself; Review, advise and evaluate; plans, budgets, invoices, contracts and schedules;

Prepare written communications;

Clarify processes and procedures; Negotiate, mediate or otherwise assist in dispute resolution;


Be realistic about your abilities and ask yourself: “What do I know and what do I need?”

Clearly communicate what your needs are when looking for an Advocate.

Discuss with a prospective Advocate what roles it will need to fill.

Do you just need information?

Are you confident that you can resolve the issue yourself with a little guidance?

Will you need full representation at a hearing?

Does the Advocate have the range of experience to best suit your needs?

Review the Resume'.

Do you have confidence in the Advocate and / or the organization?

Discuss fees that the Advocate will charge.

Will the project be a result of an insurance claim and will the Advocates fee be covered.